Rare Albino Blue Marlin – Most Prized Saltwater Game Fish

Every sportsfishing captain I know would love just to see a Albino Marlin and to catch the most prized game fish in the World … well thats just something you can ONLY dream about.  These pictures are truly once-in-a-lifetime images. Billfish "experts" agree that these rare albino blue marlin pictures may be the first ever captured on camera. Marlin are among the most prized saltwater game fish in the world. They fight hard, swim fast and jump high once hooked, which makes them a thrilling catch for anglers. Their range extends throughout the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. But to catch a albino …. WOW!

Capt. Juan Carlos Zamora with Carlos Espinoza Jimenez and Roberto Salinas Hernandez on the Spanish Fly out of Los Suenos Marina captured these images of an EXTREMELY RARE albino Blue Marlin. This is some of the best shots we have seen, with numerous jumps as well some shots close to the boat. Thanks very much to crew on the Spanish Fly for sharing these awesome photographs!

Editor Note:  Although common names for marlin generally focus on color (e.g., black marlin, blue marlin, white marlin, etc.) color is typically not the best feature to use in identifying billfish. Especially in this case! The shape and size of this marlin’s dorsal and pectoral fins clearly indicate that it’s a blue marlin even though it’s not blue at all. The eye color – black, rather than red or pink – also indicates that this marlin is leucistic (which is a reduction in pigmentation) rather than albino. 

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