Wind Power – Renewable Energy – Costa Rica

With more than 90% of its electricity generated from renewable energy sources and goals to reach 95% by 2014, Costa Rica is certainly one of the greenest countries on the planet. It also is on track to become the world’s first carbon-free economy. I recently returned from a 12-day tour sponsored by Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN) and showcasing renewable and sustainable … [Read more...]

Solar Energy in Costa Rica – Saving Money and the Planet

Up until quite recently in Costa Rica, the proposition of saving both money and the Earth with photovoltaic solar systems has stood on some pretty shaky ground. But that is changing.  Nowadays,  more and more Costa Ricans and expats are installing stand-alone or autonomous photovoltaic systems in the country's remotest regions and have made it possible for people to live well where ordinarily they … [Read more...]

Eco Products in Costa Rica – The Green Dream

Everyone comes to Costa Rica with a dream.  The dream can be the lazy, sand swept beach life with a margarita in hand, or a jungle getaway, a pair of rockers on a balcony with views of the Central Valley.  My dream was to have both, and truly enjoy this Costa Rica paradise and to discover what living in Costa Rica was all about.  Having 16 years experience in residential Historic Restorations, the … [Read more...]

Carbon Neutrality for Costa Rica By 2030?

Little did we all know but that tiny Costa Rica is one of only four countries in the world that has set a concrete goal of Carbon neutrality by the year 2030. Former Environment Minister Roberto Dobles said the tiny, jungle-cloaked Central American nation would clean up its fossil fuel-fired power plants, promote hybrid vehicles and increase tree planting to balance its emissions. "The goal … [Read more...]

Decreasing Carbon Footprints: Building Green in Costa Rica

“Green’ Construction or decreasing "Carbon Footprints" in the beach areas of Costa Rica is a doubly demanding task as the weather conditions reach two extremes for a considerable period of time depending on what part of the country you are in. In the dry tropical rain forest in the Province of Guanacaste the rainy season and the dry season are on full throttle roughly half the year. The green … [Read more...]

Eco-friendly Architecture and Home in Costa Rica

The beauty of Eco-friendly architecture is that you are tapping into and amplifying the peace and exhilaration of nature. Since graduating from Santa Clara University with a double major in environmental studies and anthropology I have remodeled and landscaped our family vacation home into a luxury villa which is now available to rent by night, week or month. When I first walked the hill above … [Read more...]

San Jose, Costa Rica’s Mercado Central, or Central Flea Market

Central Market (Mercado Central)  Flea and Street market. Bordered by Avdas. Central and 1 and Cs. 6 and 8 Barrió La Merced San José, Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica's Mercado Central, or Central Market, is the largest marketplace in San Jose. The Central Market is more than a common sale place. It is a congregation place, which city life passes day by day. It is a maze of shops and … [Read more...]

Building a House in Costa Rica – Eco Friendly

If you are considering building  or investing in a home in Costa Rica then you will find these articles both useful and informative.  When I first began my primer steps, I searched the internet and papers and bulletins for information to give me direction and was not able to find any unbiased or truth or experienced information. So as an experienced contractor of 30 years in Canada, USA, and … [Read more...]