Rare Albino Blue Marlin – Most Prized Saltwater Game Fish

Every sportsfishing captain I know would love just to see a Albino Marlin and to catch the most prized game fish in the World ... well thats just something you can ONLY dream about.  These pictures are truly once-in-a-lifetime images. Billfish "experts" agree that these rare albino blue marlin pictures may be the first ever captured on camera. Marlin are among the most prized … [Read more...]

2014 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown Shatters Fishing Records

Two thousand, one hundred and seventy billfish released in three days! If this doesn't make all you avid saltwater anglers scurry to get on the next plane to Costa Rica, we don't know what will. Los Suenos Marina, reputedly the finest marina on the Pacific coast south of the US border (Cabo San Lucas in Mexico and Viña del Mar in Chile might beg to differ, but who cares), … [Read more...]

American Students Power Up Costa Rican Community

This August, twenty students, teachers, alumnus and parents from the Meadowbrook School of Weston, Massachusetts, along with three guides from Costa Rican Adventures, traveled through Costa Rica to revisit some of the communities they had been introduced to during the school’s class trip in February 2013. The group came with two very ambitious service goals:  1. Building a library at … [Read more...]

Help Prevent Getting Dengue Fever in Costa Rica

Travelers to Costa Rica may acquire dengue fever, a potentially life-threatening viral illness, during visits to tropical and subtropical countries. Dengue is transmitted by the bite of infective Aedes mosquitos which are found primarily in urban areas. This disease occurs in most of tropical Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America, and Africa. There is … [Read more...]

Simple Mosquito Trap To Help Guard Against Dengue Fever

Each year, around one million individuals, a large part of whom are kids, need to be hospitalize for severe dengue. And each year, numerous Costa Rica media outlets warn about it. Costa Rica Minister of Health stated in 2012,  23,000 dengue cases were reported. Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) are viral diseases transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, usually Ae. aegypti. The four … [Read more...]

DNA Helps Stop Illegal Sailfish Fishing in Costa Rica

SENASA Costa Rica has a new tool to stop illegal sail fishing. The Nationa Animal Health Service (Senasa) now has a new tool to halt illegal sail fishing. A three-year-old law has banned catching and selling the fish. But despite this, commercial fishermen have continued the practice, aided by the fact that, cut up into pieces and frozen, the meat is often passed off as that of legal species, … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Beaches – Worlds Best

Costa Rica is also known for its eco-tourism and has claim to some of the top beaches in the world like Santa Teresa and Malpais  and some very nice black sand beaches.   Most of the beaches here are very close to each other and almost a walkable distance. Therefore, one can travel to a number of beaches in one day. Beside the big tourist beaches, Costa Rica also has small beaches, … [Read more...]

Wind Power – Renewable Energy – Costa Rica

With more than 90% of its electricity generated from renewable energy sources and goals to reach 95% by 2014, Costa Rica is certainly one of the greenest countries on the planet. It also is on track to become the world’s first carbon-free economy. I recently returned from a 12-day tour sponsored by Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN) and showcasing renewable and sustainable … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Volunteer Organizations and Programs

For such a small country, Costa Rica seems to be a leader in volunteer programs. The number of individuals interested in donating their time - there are literally hundreds of organizations throughout Costa Rica and each has its own mission and purpose. One of the biggest volunteer programs is for the protection and conservation of the Sea Turtles. Many eco-conscious tourist will join a program … [Read more...]

Puntarenas, Costa Rica Fishing Tournament Closed to Longliners

Agreement yields longline closure for this weekend’s Costa Rica fishing tournament  40-mile area commercial closure during Presidential Challenge, March 1 - 4  PUNTARENAS, Costa Rica -- (Feb. 27, 2012) – Recreational sportfishing and billfish conservation have made a huge impact on Costa Rica’s tourism and economy.  In a groundbreaking move and through a joint … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Mediterranean Fruit Fly – X-Rays and Regulations

In 2011 National Geographic had a photo contest and ironically one of the winners in the nature category was a picture of a fruit fly resting on a green coffee bean in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Obviously unknown to the photographer, it  implicated one of Costa Rica's worst nightmares is alive, well, and continues to threaten Costa Rica's multimillion dollar agriculture business. The Mediterranean … [Read more...]

Solar Energy in Costa Rica – Saving Money and the Planet

Up until quite recently in Costa Rica, the proposition of saving both money and the Earth with photovoltaic solar systems has stood on some pretty shaky ground. But that is changing.  Nowadays,  more and more Costa Ricans and expats are installing stand-alone or autonomous photovoltaic systems in the country's remotest regions and have made it possible for people to live well where ordinarily they … [Read more...]