Rare Albino Blue Marlin – Most Prized Saltwater Game Fish

Every sportsfishing captain I know would love just to see a Albino Marlin and to catch the most prized game fish in the World ... well thats just something you can ONLY dream about.  These pictures are truly once-in-a-lifetime images. Billfish "experts" agree that these rare albino blue marlin pictures may be the first ever captured on camera. Marlin are among the most prized … [Read more...]

World Records Of Saltwater Fish Caught In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known around the world for its big-game saltwater fishing done on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, which is done from boats to catch large open-water species such as tuna, wahoo, dorardo and  billfish (marlin, sailfish and swordfish). Recently, Sport Fishing Magazine sought input from seven angling experts, historians and authorities and did their top 100 world’s records … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties vs. La Vegas

Las Vegas has always been known as Sin City or “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” With 24/7 parting, high-energy clubbing, gambling, massive drinking and of course adult entertainment it has always been the best place to have bachelor/bachelorette party. Or is it? A bachelor/bachelorette party usually involves debauchery activities - often drinking, gambling and going to strip … [Read more...]

Redbone Celebrity “Fishing” Tournament Helps Raise Funds For Cystic Fibrosis

Huge breakthrough in CF gene research; Redbone Celebrity Tournaments perseveres with fund-raising efforts in 25th year Costa Rica’s Crocodile Bay OSA Classic March 17 -22 helping to catch a cure for CF. PUERTO JIMENIZ, Costa Rica and ISLAMORADA, Fla. USA -- Hopefully there’s a lot to celebrate at the 25th anniversary of the Redbone Celebrity Fishing Tournament this November after a … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Videos – Fishing & Travel

What better way to view Costa Rica than by videos. Take a small video tour on what it would be like driving to Puerto Jimenez, crossing suspension bridges (the last bridge collapsed a year ago, killing a few) catching Dorado and Blue Marlin in Golfito, Los Suenos and Quepos, shopping San Jose's famous Mercado Central, having a few Imperials in a couple of bars, driving through one of Costa … [Read more...]

American Football is Alive in Costa Rica – Invited to Football World Cup in Mexico City, 2012

Back in April, 2009 we wrote about how Costa Rica was forming the Costa Rica Federation of American Football (FCFA) -  since then, the game is becoming more popular with its 3rd season. For more info, contact Cody Gear at 321-218-9209 or via email at codygear (at) codylgearandassociates dot com. Costa Rica has also been invited to the World Cup of American Football to be held in  Mexico City … [Read more...]

Bobby McGuinness – IGFA World’s Top Captain in 2010

Captain Bobby McGuinness has done it again! For the second time in his illustrious 30 years as a sportfishing captain in Costa Rica, Bobby McGuinness was named the year's (2010) top captain in the world by the prestigious International Game Fish Association (IGFA). The IGFA also presented Bobby with its 2010 Lifetime Achievement award. See Bobby McGuinness Video This is the second time … [Read more...]

Taking Professional Photos in Costa Rica – Traveling

Costa Rica offers some of the most stunning imagery for photographers. On the Osa Peninsula, I've swam with sailfish, cavorted with crocodiles, and photographed monkeys, butterflies, and rare birds in the span of a single day! To capture all the incredible things you'll see on camera, you should follow a careful game plan. Here are some essential elements to consider. PLANNING Bring the … [Read more...]

Walking and Hiking in Costa Rica – Coastal and Mountain Areas

In Costa Rica  what better way of seeing nature is  walking from point A to B and back to A.  For almost 20 years they have a long-established reputation for being  environmental protective and conversational that is the envy of many other countries around the world. So if you like to hike, Costa Rica is a superb country for you to explore a wide variety of countryside and wildlife and can … [Read more...]

Puerto Jimenez – Osa Peninsula – Costa Rica

The first time I went to Puerto Jimenez was back in the mid 1970, and it took us about three days traveling on very pot-hole ridden, one-lane dirt road. And thinking back, I think we were heading to Panama or Golfito, made a right instead of going straight at Chacarita,  and ended in this very remote town. About the only Gringos we saw were surfers who were headed to Cabo Matapalo, a small town … [Read more...]

Tips on Renting a Car in Costa Rica – Insurance and Extra Costs

Costa Rica is a very popular tourist destination, drawing millions of visitors each year to its breathtaking landscapes, and  world-renowned points of interest. With a wide-spreading picturesque coastline and a massive forested wild terrain, cruising around with your own vehicle can be very handy and convenient. The good news is that there are numerous Costa Rica car rental agencies … [Read more...]

Fincas Natural Wildlife Refuge – Butterfly Botanical Gardens

Did you know that there are approximately 2000 species of butterflies in Costa Rica? Or  that of all of the eggs laid, only about 2% complete metamorphosis to become butterflies?  Did you know that some butterflies copulate for four hours at a time? Or that all  butterflies lay their eggs at mid-day? How many of you know that the Blue Morpho's  brilliant color is not a pigment, but actually a … [Read more...]