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El Pueblo Nightclue actions is some of costa Rica

El Pueblo Nightclub Action is the best in all of Costa Rica

In the past few years, tourists have dubbed San Jose the  “Get In and Get Out Fast.”  It is not the place to vacation because of the  increase of crime. And why go to a rat-race, dirty city (when you probably just left one) when you have the best beaches and recreations in the world within a few hours drive?

However,  many  can’t wait to spend their vacation time in San Jose. And why? –  San Jose has always been known for its nightlife, lovely Latina ladies, and long sultry and very sinful nights.

If you are young (or older for that matter) and enjoy the clubbing, bar crowd, shopping, and loud music, one of the hottest spot is “El Pueblo” which is located a few minutes north of the downtown Holiday Inn. El Pueblo’s distinctive red tile roofs top the Colonial-style architecture; rainforest flowers and plants lace the courtyards and sidewalks. It is a mixture of more than 100 bars, clubs, restaurants, art galleries and shops. The  cobblestone streets are within walking distance of several hotels and resorts, makes El Pueblo the city’s top attraction. The place opens it eyes at around 9 PM, and the partying runs until dawn.

The Drinking age in Costa Rica is 18, making it a hot spot for Spring Breakers

The drinking age in Costa Rica is 18, making El Pueblo hot spot for college students

The beach towns like Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, and Quepos have nothing like El Pueblo.

Young Costa Ricans become tourists in El Pueblo and hang out in La Terraza, with a view of a quaint courtyard and the best for people watching in the day or night. For more exotic entertainment, the Tango has live music and dancing Tuesday-Saturday, starting at 9 PM. It is a good spot for a romantic evening or a prelude to some more fun if you know what I mean 😉

And yes, there is the discos (no one ever told Costa Rica that disco is dead), which don’t start rocking until 9-10 PM, but the action lasts until 2 AM.  The shops and a few restaurants are open all day, so there is plenty to do before one gets down and dirty in this tropical country as night falls.

Infinito Disco is the most well-known with a young crowd that parties all night. The entrance s on the outside, in front of the parking lot next to Friends. The party often lasts until dawn.

For a serious clubber, Club Twister is the spot. DJs keep things hopping by hot contemporary Latin and international music.The large dance floor draws trendy locals, and the bartenders keep a steady rhythm of drinks flowing

The Coco Loco, also decked out with a cool dance floor, attracts a lightly more mature crowd. (But after a few shots, suddenly they can get just as wild as in the other discos.) In addition to meeting tourists from around the world, you will also have a chance to party with plenty of young locals dancing the night away.

The downtown area of San Jose is referred to as Gringo Gulch, offers the adult entertainment at bars such as that of the Hotel del Rey, Club Idem, and Key Largo, but that is another post.

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  1. El Pueblo is still a cool place to cruise for girls, however the names of all the clubs have changed over the years. For example Infinito Disco is now Ebony.

    Here is a video and some additional info on the nightlife at El Pueblo.

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