Has Scott Brown’s Win Stimulated Costa Rica’s Economy?

Has Browns win stimulate Costa Rica ecomomy

Has Republican Scott P. Brown win "suddenly" stimulate Costa Rica economy?

In the last few years Costa Rica economy has really sucked with very few signs of recovery. That recovery worsen  by Americas uneasiness with the current Presidential democratic administration mucho-trillion dollars tax, health and stimulus bill that will be absorbed by U.S. taxpayers.

To put it bluntly, Costa Rica Tourism which was already suffering became in greater peril when Americans suddenly begin really tightening their finances just to survive. With unemployment at 10%, foreclosures at a record high, it was no more vacations, less eating out etc etc.

One sport fishing account that has been operating in Costa Rica for almost 30 years, told me, has never seen the business this depressing since the Obama administration took over. One of his charter boats, the booking agent said they used to have 20-30 American clients that regularly came down to fish once a year. That dropped to only three – a lost of revenue of over $25,000 – a huge hit for a small company who still have to maintain the boat, pay taxes and general living expenses.

On another account, a small 10 room hotel in Jaco, by now [the Green Season] his hotel was normally filled. Now he is lucky to rent out 4-5 rooms and has dropped his price 30%, just to get business. Other hotels are doing the same, some are even offering free night stays and buffets.

But suddenly that changed when Republican Scott P. Brown defeated Democrat Martha M. Coakley for the open U.S. Senate seat, completing an epic upset that tips the balance of power in Washington that NOW has put a major halt on spending on such things as Democratic/federal overhaul of health care.

In one of the country’s most traditionally liberal states, Brown rode a wave of voter anger to defeat Coakley, the attorney general who had been considered a surefire winner. Her loss signaled major political problems for Obama and the Democratic Party this fall when House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates are on the ballot nationwide.

With Brown’s win, there suddenly became collective sigh of relief. Americans have relaxed a bit, knowing that the Dems can’t  jam any old idiot idea down Americans’ throats that will cost them more.

So what does this mean to Costa Rica? Well one thing for sure, suddenly many of Costa Rica’s online businesses got a piggy-back of business and inquires.

  • Since Browns win –  another fishing account, the next day [after Browns win] got more inquires and booked more fishing trips in the last two weeks then they had in the last 5 months. They are being hammered in last minute charters.
  • Since Browns win –  our directory has seen more page views under the category of  hotels, eco-tourism and vacation travel plans than it has in the last year.
  • Since Browns win – a Bread and Breakfast website in the directory, the owner wrote, saying she has received 13 inquires; before she considered herself lucky in getting one or 2 a month.

Is this a coincidences?

Well, let’s hope Brown’s win helps stimulates Costa Rica’s economy when  Americans can finally cut loose  some much needed tourist dollars.

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  1. Gary Schelhammer says:

    Hola, all you lovely Tico-Americans.  I am Gary Schelhammer, I am hoping to come to Costa Rica.  Here in Tacoma, Washington, I worked with Scott Brown at Sundown Realestate.  Scott and his wife and children relocated in Costa Rica.  I would enjoy seeing my friend Scott.  Perhaps someone knows how I might get in touch with Scott.  Muchas gracias, Gary, 253 576 4078. 

  2. Guito Jimenez says:

    This is a stretch to attribute Brown’s win to a turn (or potential turn) in the fortunes for CR merchants/tourism. What about the notion that the stimulus ordered by the current administration is starting to work – i.e. creating/saving jobs and supporting small US business owners? Part of the U.S.’s woes are related to lost jobs/businesses to other parts of the world – including CR! Maybe CR will need to grow up and start to look for its own citizens to pull some its tourism dollar weight now that they are doing work that used to be done in the U.S.! You can’t have it both ways. Trying to bet on one U.S. political ideology or another as good or bad for CR is immature and the sign of a dependent culture – not a thriving, self-sustaining people/economy. Remember, advocating one political ideology over another (i.e. idiot ideas) can lose CR a lot of tourism dollars and business. Think about it!

  3. You’ve got to be kidding! I guess Costa Rica’s economy was directly blunted by Obama’s election and that “mucho-trillion dollars tax, health and stimulus bill” as well. I wonder what would have happened if we were still under your old administration. Obviously some folks haven’t pulled their heads out of that proverbial sand.

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