Content Marketing – Todays Marketing Format In Costa Rica

A week ago, a friend, from the world-class resort Crocodila Bay published an awesome video of a sailfish jumping into a boat and in a heat of panic, the angles jumping out. Within days, the hits to the video numbered over 26,000. A while back, we published a short video on Costa Rica sportsfishing captain, Captain Bobby McGuinness, holder of over 200 world records, and within a short time over … [Read more...]

Could Costa Rica Become the “Poster Child” of Bitcoins Users?

About a year and a half ago I made my first Bitcoin (the controversial digital currency) transaction and several weeks ago another one. People have asked me, "Why?" My answer was simple, "To see what it was all about." In the last several months, I have been following the outcome of the Bitcoin ETF Backers Winklevoss Twins, who were made famous by suing Facebook founder, Mark … [Read more...]

Is the U.S. Government Spying on Costa Ricans and Storing Their Personal Data?

Costa Rica is no stranger to surveillance; it has always been Central/South America's hub of eavesdropping.  Back in the early 1980s the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica was undergoing a remodeling and when finished, the roofs were covered with various sizes of satellite dishes and antennas. These CIA surveillance equipment targeted the conflict areas of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and … [Read more...]

Help Protect Yourself and Friends On Facebook

There is not a day that goes by where I/m getting emails about Facebook on whether or not this link is legit or not. Most recently many of my photographic friends are bitching about how to protect their photos from being shared etc. However, that’s a new subject matter and on to protecting oneself on Facebook. Since Facebook launched in Feb 2004, it has been the pride of Social Media. It … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s “New” Internet Cybercrime Law

It’s always good when some sort of controversy happens is to first sit back. So when President Laura Chinchilla of Costa Rica signed into law Ley 9048 [July 10, 2012], which sought to expand the definition of cybercrime, we listened before writing this post. As expected, the Costa Rica bloggers, newspapers, etc.  had a field day,  claiming a violation of internet freedom and a … [Read more...]

Dogs In Costa Rica – Stray, Puppy Mills and Abuse

  About 2 to four times a month we get these heartbreaking emails from animal lovers about stray dogs that wander the streets.  And of course the story of the man who took a machete to a street dog, who only survived by a generous veterinary,  pretty much had animals lovers in rage. Those loving and caring pet owner know that owning pets, especially dogs, is a big responsibility. … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Dry Law – Eliminate the Prohibition Ley Seca?

One of the things that Gringo's have always been puzzled on is Costa Rica' very old "dry law” (Ley Seca); a liberal law that prohibits sales of liquor, wine and beer at Easter and Christmas, besides elections and such sectarian holidays as Sept. 15 (Independence Day). Bars are supposed to be closed … but as most know, it usually is the front door only! Establishments … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Costa Rica

Years ago when a client's only bullheadedness concern was getting in the top five at Google under a few very major Costa Rica keywords, I said to myself, Oh boy, here we go again! I had to shake my head. It took me about six months (after his keywords hit the top five) for him to realize, even if keywords are good way to drive traffic to ones websites, it is not the only way. In my … [Read more...]

Paypal and Costa Rica – Banco National, Scotiabank, and Citibank

Paypal has been hyped as the best way to send and received money anywhere in the world and personally it is the simplest and easiest way to accept credit and debit cards and e-checks. So you’re an expat, and you start a business in Costa Rica. Then you signup for PayPal (which is free), so you can start accepting credit card payments instantly. Right? Well, as many know, not so true! The … [Read more...]

Increase of Phone Solicitations in Costa Rica

At the end of January two major events took place in Costa Rica. 1) The iPhone craze finally took place when three primary cell phone operators (ICE Kölbi, Móvistar and Claro) started selling the iPhone 4S with numerous plans. At some of the major shopping centers customers bounced like pin balls comparing prices and plans - all three companies say sales have been [very] good in the last … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Tilapia Recipes – BBQ, Fried, and Baked

Tilapia inhabits a wide range of fresh water habitats, including shallow streams, ponds, rivers and lakes. Word-wide, Tilapia is the fifth most important fish in fish farming and to farm one needs warm water as Costa Rica has because of its tropical environment. So, it is understandable, why, just about every eatery in Costa Rica you will find Tilapia on the menu. Tilapia is a mild-tasting … [Read more...]

What Does SOPA and PIPA Have To Do With Costa Rica?

Yesterday many websites were in a World-Wide Blackout against The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill, and it's sister bill, Protect IP Act (PIPA), that is currently working their way through the United States Congress and the Senate. These new bills threaten every facet of the internet by letting government regulate what can and can not be seen; a form of censorship -  just like China and Iraq … [Read more...]