Costa Rica’s Medical Tourism On The Rise

Costa Rica has become the first choice for Americans, Canadians and Europeans seeking quality and affordable medical treatment, or what is known as medical tourism and wellness. SAN JOSE, Costa Rica.  According to Mark Sydney of Americana WellcareCR,  between 150,000 and 200,000 foreigners could be traveling to Costa Rica in 2011 for medical procedures. It's hard to give an exact figure, … [Read more...]

Insurance in Costa Rica – INS – Rules of Engagement to Brokers

Every Costa Rican knows [since they can remember] the government monopoly of, oil/gas, electric, internet, and insurance has been one big headache after another. In Oct, 2007  when Costa Rica’s Free Trade Agreements (FTA) were signed,  it looked like for the first time Costa Rican’s were going to get a break, when foreign companies could compete with government companies, especially  for … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Coffee – Los Santos and Wages

Every time I come back from Costa Rica, my main import is coffee. I literally cram my bag with as much as I can without going over the weight limit. In fact, several years ago I got clipped with excessive baggage and had to pay extra.  However, this last trip was a bit different, in fact, I wished I had kept quite, I must have gotten 15 emails before I left on, “Yeah can you bring me back some … [Read more...]

Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans – Tension between Labor and Immigration Law

Contrary to belief, Costa Rica is no longer a Third World country. Its advancement in technology growth (4th in the world for micro chip processors), high literary rate (over 90%), standard of living, health, education (all three highest in all of the Latin Americans) is just a few modern identities that have jumped them into bordering a first and second world country. Unfortunately, with … [Read more...]