Help Protect Yourself and Friends On Facebook

There is not a day that goes by where I/m getting emails about Facebook on whether or not this link is legit or not. Most recently many of my photographic friends are bitching about how to protect their photos from being shared etc. However, that’s a new subject matter and on to protecting oneself on Facebook. Since Facebook launched in Feb 2004, it has been the pride of Social Media. It … [Read more...]

Is Skype Shutting Down In Costa Rica?

When Skype voice over-the-internet system was offered in Costa Rica, it was a welcome alternative to ICE's monopoly on phone services. For a flat rate, Costa Ricans could call just about anywhere for a fraction of the cost … now that may change due to a legal spat over a licensing agreement. Online retailer eBay bought Skype in 2005 for about US$2.6 billion.  HOWEVER, that deal didn't include … [Read more...]

Mac, Apple, Macintosh Repair Technicians

Yes, I know Mac is better, but not quite true in Costa Rica, that is if you have problems.  Always check your warranty before you bring your Mac (or any other computer for that reason) to Costa Rica, regardless if you bought the extended warranty package. Most Warranty Agreements DO NOT cover the computer outside the US. If work has to be done, expect to pay 2-3 times the amount and expect a wait. … [Read more...]