Wind Power – Renewable Energy – Costa Rica

With more than 90% of its electricity generated from renewable energy sources and goals to reach 95% by 2014, Costa Rica is certainly one of the greenest countries on the planet. It also is on track to become the world’s first carbon-free economy. I recently returned from a 12-day tour sponsored by Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN) and showcasing renewable and sustainable … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Mediterranean Fruit Fly – X-Rays and Regulations

In 2011 National Geographic had a photo contest and ironically one of the winners in the nature category was a picture of a fruit fly resting on a green coffee bean in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Obviously unknown to the photographer, it  implicated one of Costa Rica's worst nightmares is alive, well, and continues to threaten Costa Rica's multimillion dollar agriculture business. The Mediterranean … [Read more...]

Solar Energy in Costa Rica – Saving Money and the Planet

Up until quite recently in Costa Rica, the proposition of saving both money and the Earth with photovoltaic solar systems has stood on some pretty shaky ground. But that is changing.  Nowadays,  more and more Costa Ricans and expats are installing stand-alone or autonomous photovoltaic systems in the country's remotest regions and have made it possible for people to live well where ordinarily they … [Read more...]

Protecting Costa Rica’s Rainforest – Most Expensive ($18,000) Flip-flops – Chipkos

No doubt ecology is a big issue, and no doubt businesses will hype their ecology concern in an effort to increase sales. However, one company takes it to the extreme and hopefully it will benefit Costa Rica. Last week, designer sandal’s guru, Chipkos announced their latest pair of flip-flops. They will be the world’s most expensive, jaw-dropping $18,000 for a pair. WOW!!! -  H.Stern's … [Read more...]

Government Seizes Sailfish Meat From Seafood Company

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. USA. – Costa Rican government officials released information to The Billfish Foundation (TBF) of the seizure from a seafood exporter, of over 7,000 kilos of sailfish meat bound for Peru. Sailfish are protected species in the popular Costa Rican fishery. Tico Times Editor Note: Costa Rica's ban of exporting billfish meat was established in Jan 2009. Investigators … [Read more...]

Eco Products in Costa Rica – The Green Dream

Everyone comes to Costa Rica with a dream.  The dream can be the lazy, sand swept beach life with a margarita in hand, or a jungle getaway, a pair of rockers on a balcony with views of the Central Valley.  My dream was to have both, and truly enjoy this Costa Rica paradise and to discover what living in Costa Rica was all about.  Having 16 years experience in residential Historic Restorations, the … [Read more...]

Panama Launches Sportfishing Tourism Study

The Billfish Foundation tapped to conduct 18 month long socio-economic research... PANAMA CITY, Panama and FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., USA – Panama’s minister of science, technology and innovation has announced a socio-economic research study on the impact of sportfishing tourism. The Billfish Foundation in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., will conduct the research. In a conference call, Dr. Ruben Berrocal, … [Read more...]

Ocean’s Dead Zones Increase – Billfish More Exposed to Capture In Costa Rica and Other Places

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. USA. – With the New Year comes new challenges to fish in our world’s oceans and one of the major concerns is the expansion of hypoxic zones. That’s the scientific name but more recreational anglers are becoming aware of them as “dead zones.” They are areas in the oceans with low or non-existent oxygen levels which, according to a recently released research study by … [Read more...]

Panama, First Central American Country, Restricts Longlining

PANAMA CITY, Panama and FT.  LAUDERDALE, Fla., USA  – After banning commercial purse seining from its waters in July, the Republic  of Panama has taken  further steps adding restrictions on longlining for the conservation of  its marine life and its socio-economic growth. In letters to Panamanian  officials, Ellen Peel, President of  The Billfish Foundation and Chris  Fischer founder of … [Read more...]

Decreasing Carbon Footprints: Building Green in Costa Rica

“Green’ Construction or decreasing "Carbon Footprints" in the beach areas of Costa Rica is a doubly demanding task as the weather conditions reach two extremes for a considerable period of time depending on what part of the country you are in. In the dry tropical rain forest in the Province of Guanacaste the rainy season and the dry season are on full throttle roughly half the year. The green … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Non Smoking Policies and Laws

If you smoke, you may have problems in Costa Rica. Back in May, 2009  the government imposed a tax hike on cigarettes which pretty much outraged smokers when the price jumped about 30%,  then it followed with a year later the countries first international say “No” To Smoking Day. A few days later thousands of school children in Cartago gathered to unite against smoking at “Fello” Meza Stadium – … [Read more...]

Poaching of Costa Rica Sea Turtle Eggs – Turtle Poll

If you are over 50, have traveled a lot or lived in Mexico or Central America, particularly the coastal areas, you ate turtle. Sea Turtle is an awesome tasting seafood, whose bright-red, bloody meat would turn angel white just seconds after hitting a fry pan that was lightly seasoned in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Turtle meat and eggs are a delicacy and a way of life in many countries, … [Read more...]