Costa Rica and China Make Another Free Trade Deal

One of the biggest bummers in Costa Rica is their infamous import tax, a horrendous tax that is applied to so-called luxury items, such as boats, vehicles and electronics. A tax that makes these items VERY expensive. Anyone that has tried to import a vehicle knows how a $10,000 vehicle can quickly become a major investment and/or headache. However, this week may have changed that.  It is no … [Read more...]

Insurance in Costa Rica – INS – Rules of Engagement to Brokers

Every Costa Rican knows [since they can remember] the government monopoly of, oil/gas, electric, internet, and insurance has been one big headache after another. In Oct, 2007  when Costa Rica’s Free Trade Agreements (FTA) were signed,  it looked like for the first time Costa Rican’s were going to get a break, when foreign companies could compete with government companies, especially  for … [Read more...]

Hiring Costa Rica Workers – Payroll Taxes – Work Comp

The scenario starts innocently enough. Expats come to the country and start looking for someone to help with household chores like maid or gardener service. If you are not living in a gated community where they have these services, it starts by asking around for references or putting the word out in their community. Try not to place an ad in some local paper or post one in a market down the … [Read more...]

Canada and Costa Rica – Free Trade Treaty and Visas

It’s no secret that North Americans are the dominating foreigners that live in Costa Rica. And because of that, Costa Rica also would like to increase Canadian tourism. It is estimated that some 100,000 Canadians come to Costa Rica each year and about 10,000 Canadians live there, compared to 10 times that amount of Americans. And because of the Canadians tourism and expats, both governments … [Read more...]

Alico To Sell Insurance In Costa Rica – INS Competition

It seems that  CAFTA may be working ...  for over 50 years, American Life Insurance Company  has been dedicated to working families in Canada and the US  won conditional approval this week to sell insurance in Costa Rica. This company will operate under the name of Alico Costa Rica and the license is requested for the sale of policies in the category of personal insurance, including life, … [Read more...]

Free Trade in Costa Rica – Is it working?

Back in Oct, 2007 Costa Rica (by a close vote (53/ 47) approved a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States. The vote split the country, with supporters arguing it would bring economic development, and critics warning (mostly labor unions) that it would hurt the little guy, like farmers and small businesses. This trade agreement was suppose to expand Costa Rica's access to the US market … [Read more...]