Costa Rica Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties vs. La Vegas

Las Vegas has always been known as Sin City or “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” With 24/7 parting, high-energy clubbing, gambling, massive drinking and of course adult entertainment it has always been the best place to have bachelor/bachelorette party. Or is it? A bachelor/bachelorette party usually involves debauchery activities - often drinking, gambling and going to strip … [Read more...]

Online Poker Gambling Seizures – PokerStars, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker

Last Friday (at around 1:30 pm), I got a call from a private investigator in Costa Rica, who said the U.S. Government's FBI just killed Costa Rica today! This is huge news! My friend continued with the outraged about how the FBI put over 4,000 Costa Ricans (we heard reports that this may be up to 20,000) out of work when the online poker world was shaken as the owners of the three largest online … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Government Wants To Tax Gross Gambling Income

Costa Rica has always been very lax on gambling. In reality it only took a business license and just about anyone could open up a casino. And with the US crack down on betting in 2007 hordes of online gambling and bookie businesses flooded Costa Rica. About  every two to 3 years  the government ties to put a new novel plan to generate revenue from these establishments. The last one (about 1 and … [Read more...]

Underworld Gambling Film, Leonardo DiCaprio in Costa Rica

Costa Rica productions companies are  no strangers to movies, and have a ton of resumes to prove it -   probably the most well-known film, filmed in the country, was author Michael Crichton best seller thriller, "Congo," which to me was one of the best books I have ever read. And Costa Rica is no stranger to gambling, a country where it is legal and after the crackdown on online betting in the … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Gambling – Online Betting Casinos Bookies

Costa Rica has long been one of the more loosely regulated jurisdictions for online casinos and sports books. Operators need only a business license from the government to set up Internet gambling servers. And because of this, you can just about count on that every online bet is being funnel through  Costa Rica. Online betting websites like Bodog and BetUS are two of the biggest in the World, … [Read more...]