The Future for Guanacaste – Vacation, Invest and Retire

Guanacaste has posted some great numbers in 2011 however things still seem to be slow in talking with many hoteliers, restaurateurs and retailers. Our real estate friends in Guanacaste are positive and things seem to be picking up a bit, but our friends in Atenas are talking about a slump. Their situations were completely reversed a year ago. Many other factors on the table are very positive for … [Read more...]

Decreasing Carbon Footprints: Building Green in Costa Rica

“Green’ Construction or decreasing "Carbon Footprints" in the beach areas of Costa Rica is a doubly demanding task as the weather conditions reach two extremes for a considerable period of time depending on what part of the country you are in. In the dry tropical rain forest in the Province of Guanacaste the rainy season and the dry season are on full throttle roughly half the year. The green … [Read more...]

Ups and Downs on Costa Rica Real Estate – Guanacaste

Costa Rica Real Estate has seen a lot of downs and ups and downs in my 7 years in Guanacaste. A prime example are the surf side lots in Potrero. When I arrived they were giving the things away for as low as $7,000 dollars apiece. About a year or so in to my sojourn here the lots started a fantastic spiral along with all of the tourism and vacation style property in the area. Fueled by the equity … [Read more...]

Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans – Tension between Labor and Immigration Law

Contrary to belief, Costa Rica is no longer a Third World country. Its advancement in technology growth (4th in the world for micro chip processors), high literary rate (over 90%), standard of living, health, education (all three highest in all of the Latin Americans) is just a few modern identities that have jumped them into bordering a first and second world country. Unfortunately, with … [Read more...]