Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Thanks to uncertainties about healthcare reform, rising healthcare costs, and an increase in the number of the uninsured, many Americans have begun looking outside their borders for high quality and affordable medical care. Medical tourism is a booming industry – expected to generate $100 billion globally in 2012 – and some sub-categories are leading the pack. In fact, thousands … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Non Smoking Policies and Laws

If you smoke, you may have problems in Costa Rica. Back in May, 2009  the government imposed a tax hike on cigarettes which pretty much outraged smokers when the price jumped about 30%,  then it followed with a year later the countries first international say “No” To Smoking Day. A few days later thousands of school children in Cartago gathered to unite against smoking at “Fello” Meza Stadium – … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Government Bans Stem Cell Research

Back in Oct, 2009, we wrote how suddenly there was  major increase of foreigners heading to Costa Rica for stem cell treatments that involved everything from ailments, to bone fractures, to multiple sclerosis. The reason was simple; when people heard that, the International Society of Stem Cell research claiming, US clinical trials were "ambiguous" and treatments based on anecdotal success … [Read more...]

Costa Rican’s U.S. Expats May Be Paying Twice For Health Care

With the passing and the presidential signing of the U.S. Health Care Reform bill and assuming that it does become a law (13 states filed lawsuits in the US, stating it was unconstitutional)  Costa Rica expats may have a serious problem. They may be forced to carry health insurance in both the U.S. and Costa Rica, I guess you can say a form of double taxation. According to the health bill, ALL … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Hosts First Medical Tourism Conference

The cat is out of the bag for Costa Rica Health. This week the Central American country found out it will host the first Medical and Well-Being Tourism Conference in late April, 2010. This will reunited some 350 plus operators of health services from more than 20 countries, including insurance companies, self-insurance companies, medical tourism and wellness agencies and investors in the industry. … [Read more...]

President of Costa Rica Gets Swine Flu

Source Yahoo News SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Nobel Peace laureate and Costa Rican President Oscar Arias said Tuesday that he has swine flu, showing that not even a head of state is safe from the virus that has caused worldwide concern but relatively few deaths. The 69-year-old president and Nobel Peace Prize winner said in a statement that he was quarantined at home and is being treated with … [Read more...]

Swine or Whine Flu – Reality Culprit, Government and Press

I received this email from a friend, and not knowing the author (sorry about that which this blog is credited to)  I elected to pass it on since it is someone who is telling it like it really is. Turn off your @#*%  TV and radio and live your life. Forget about the scare control tactics which are typical BS government and press stories use to create a normal flu cycle into some global catastrophe. … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Swine Flu – Paris Hilton

When Paris Hilton was asked, "If she was afraid of contracting the Swine Flu (now called H1N1 among politicians and medical because the Pork Industry cried, discrimination), " her responds was something like this, “No, I don’t eat [pork] that.” Hummm … great thumb in the cheek answer Paris! Glad to see you keeping on top of world events.  Or is it, "You've learned to shrug at tabloid … [Read more...]