The New Jaco – Bars, Nightclubs, and Restaurants

I had not been to Jaco in a while -  with said, a while back I wrote about how wild Jaco is and how I predicted that the desire for tourist bucks will change it.  Needless to say,  I spend some time checking out the ‘new’ Jaco a few weeks ago. Those that experienced Jaco years ago had warnings about the lawless of the town. Druggies, prostitution, pickpockets etc, pretty much ran it.  I’m … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Future – US Marines, Drugs, Investments, Tourism, and Oil

Last week our email box was pretty much filled with, “Why the US Marines were invading Costa Rica?” Even at our Facebook  account, a few commented on right-wing political BS, “It's all about the oil, about building a military base in Costa Rica, and of keeping an eye on all the other dangerous countries around like Venezuela." However, I would like to comment on the one of the insanely … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Developer Sues Bank Over Jaco Project

Yesterday morning, the Internet was flooded with the Press Release FROM the developer of a Jacó condo and hotel project suing its lenders, seeking arbitration on $120 million that has caused what it claims was a successful project on the verge of  falling apart. No doubt the $120 million was an eye-opener of what is at stake. The developer, Desarrollos Naturales de Costa Rica S.A., named Banco … [Read more...]

Fishing Dorado Out Of Costa Rica’s Los Suenos – Jaco

There are good days fishing and there are awesome days fishing. This Costa Rica fishing trip was awesome. For two days we fished out of one of Costa Ricas best marinas, Los Suenos, about 6 miles north of Jaco and out about 20 miles with the infamous  Richard Krugs, Americana Sportsfishing, who has been putting together fishing charter services for almost 30 years.  We went for the meat, over … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Drug Smugglers Problem – Crocodiles

As Costa Rica slowly but surely becomes the new hub for drug trafficking, and with San Jose now the place to smuggle containers of drugs to the US,  it now appears that drug smugglers have a new problem, which is not the US DEA, local police or competition, but crocodiles! It’s no surprise that the Central Pacific between Puntarenus to Quepos with the hot tourist spot of  Jaco between has … [Read more...]

La Ruta de los Conquistadores – Costa Rica Bike Race Shut Down

When I was in Jaco last week, the town was gearing up for an intense coast-to-coast bike across Costa Rica's rugged terrain known to all as La Ruta de los Conquistadores. To date, more than one decade later, “La Ruta” is considered to be the most difficult Mountain Bike multi-day race on the planet. However, this Costa Rica's coast-to-coast bike race which is suppose to begin in Jacó Wednesday, … [Read more...]

Jaco, Costa Rica, Say, “Get Waco For Jaco”

When someone mentions Jaco, Costa Rica, the instant thought is the Wacos. Besides probably the most visited beach in Costa Rica, its closest beach to San Jose, great and almost “sinful” night life, surfing, unique shops and an assortment of art galleries make Jaco a must for almost all itineraries that cater to all types of people. In Jaco walking down the street, you will find an … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Caldera Highway Work Is Stopped by Environmental Panel

After many years it looked like the San Jose – Caldera new highway was going on schedule and be completed in February 2010. This much-awaited Autopista del Sol (The autopista, a concession highway where users pay a toll) that will dramatically cut travel time from the Central Valley to the central Pacific beaches. Since May, 2009, year Costa Ricans have experience delays, traffic chaos, and toll … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Lifeguard Service

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, "How safe are Costa Rica's beaches?" And having been a competition swimmer, driver, surfer, and former lifeguard in San Diego, my answer is three questions, "How good of a swimmer are you?" and "Can you spot a rip current and  how to get out of one?" Since about the early eighties when US surfers discovered the unreal wave action in Costa Rica, … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Spring Break – Jaco, San Jose, Tamarinado

Costa Rica for spring break? Humm - not a bad idea!  It may not be as wild as Cancun, Mexico with it's crazy parties,  infamous umbrella drinks, wet T-shirt contests and drunken beer-guzzling nights, but what really defines, "Exciting!" to your personal taste? Mexico has always been the choice for Spring Breakers, but now with increasing problems (spearheaded by the Media and read this State … [Read more...]