Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean – A Pirates Treasure

In the 1600s pirates combed Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast in search of Indian gold and trading ship’s merchandise. However their greatest find is still undiscovered by many today. Its enchanting, uncrowded beaches, distinctive climate and charming, carefree culture make Costa Rica’s south Caribbean a true treasure yet to be known. For nature lovers, Costa Rica’s Caribbean holds a treasure trove … [Read more...]

Limon’s Redevelopment – Stalemate Between Union and Government

If you love historical redevelopment, it is so easy to see how Limon would be the perfect candidate,  and at the same time become a world-class port bringing in billions to Costa Rica. Its shipyards with historical railroad equipment, the downtown look of Caribbean/New Orleans, with its Victorian homes flaunting long balconies and colorful façades add old-world charm . And not counting a gateway … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Limón – Redevelopment?

Four years ago a few (and only a few) of Limón community leaders sat around a table one evening and talked about the future of their city. They shared dreams of how cool it would be to get their city redeveloped to attract tourist and businesses by restoring buildings, parks and renovated the port. Last week their dreams seemed to come true when Costa Rican President Oscar Arias signed a bill … [Read more...]