Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Thanks to uncertainties about healthcare reform, rising healthcare costs, and an increase in the number of the uninsured, many Americans have begun looking outside their borders for high quality and affordable medical care. Medical tourism is a booming industry – expected to generate $100 billion globally in 2012 – and some sub-categories are leading the pack. In fact, thousands … [Read more...]

Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica – Low Costs, Hospitals, Recovery

It has not been a surprise to some how Costa Rica has become a desired and popular medical tourism hub attracting thousands of medical tourists every year. They are coming in for all kinds of different medical treatments, starting from necessary surgery to elective procedures and prolonged treatments. In the last few years, the medical tourism industry has jumped up 200% and that is expected to … [Read more...]

Police, Medical Emergencies, and Hospitals in Costa Rica

General Medical and Police Services Medical care in San Jose is adequate at the public hospitals, but super at the private hospital.  Areas outside of San Jose have more limited medical services, and road conditions increase driving times to hospitals for routine or critical medical care. Doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash or credit card payment for medical services.  Local … [Read more...]

Wellness Vacations In Costa Rica

During the last several years, a new generation of vacationers has been demanding more from hotels than ever before, and a new type of travel is rising in popularity. This new group of travelers desires more than  before from their vacation, and so the tourism sector is providing many options, such as hotels and resorts with Yoga and focus on health at their core. Yoga,  Wellness Centers and … [Read more...]

Medical Costs in Costa Rica vs. U.S.

With the cost of medical on the rise, medical tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe should definitely compare the cost of medical treatment in Costa Rica to what it would cost at home. You can reach Costa Rica from just about everywhere in the U.S. and Canada in 12 hours or less; from Europe in well under a day. Costa Rica has eminently qualified doctors, excellent hospitals, … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Hosts First Medical Tourism Conference

The cat is out of the bag for Costa Rica Health. This week the Central American country found out it will host the first Medical and Well-Being Tourism Conference in late April, 2010. This will reunited some 350 plus operators of health services from more than 20 countries, including insurance companies, self-insurance companies, medical tourism and wellness agencies and investors in the industry. … [Read more...]

Medical Care in Costa Rica – Stem Cell & Diabetes Cure

With the increase in people losing their health insurance, Costa Rica medical tourism is now taking up the slack for more than 25,000 people every year. Overwhelmingly Americans, they hop a jet or cruise ship and travel south for Costa Rica. And, more and more travelers are taking vacations to this little Latin American country that include medical tourism. Why? Because they are onto the fact that … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Medical Tourism and Wellness – Health Care

Every time I'm in Costa Rica it always amazing me of how that country is developing into a First-World country. One of my meetings was about developing a Costa Rica medical tourism website and then I had a much respected meeting with one of our competitive Bloggers, who was getting ready to do the same. A few months ago we wrote about Costa Rica medical tourism, and then another about  stem … [Read more...]

Americans Heading To Costa Rica For Stem Cell Treatments

The stories are starting to come in ... the man with the heart attack, now with a stem cell transplant, his glands can now generate insulin. The Florida parents of 7-year-old, who has autism, are taking him to Costa Rica at the end of this month for adult stem cell treatments. Success stories have grabbed international media attention, with cable and TV networks jumping on the bandwagon by … [Read more...]

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica – Wellness, Rehab, Surgery

The other day, an question was asked in Yahoo answers, "Why is everybody wearing nurse scrubs?" Adding sarcastically, "God you can't tell me that every single person in this country wants to be in the medical field." First, I'm, proud to say, every answer was something like this, "The medical industry is one of very few industries actually growing during the recession" or "Powerful professions … [Read more...]