Costa Rica Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties vs. La Vegas

Las Vegas has always been known as Sin City or “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” With 24/7 parting, high-energy clubbing, gambling, massive drinking and of course adult entertainment it has always been the best place to have bachelor/bachelorette party. Or is it? A bachelor/bachelorette party usually involves debauchery activities - often drinking, gambling and going to strip … [Read more...]

Halloween in Costa Rica – Sexy Costumes and Partying

For the last four years I have been drawn like a magnet to San Jose, Costa Rica for Halloween. A few years prior I read a blog where the Blogger wrote how Halloween in Costa Rica is considered  nothing but a  "Gringo's" pagan holiday, that was designed to seduce small children with candy and "not" an acceptable celebration among Ticos. Then it went on about this haunting, peasant folklore of El … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Drinking Age – Driving and Fines

Someone sent me this video, and I know it is not of Costa Rica, but still pretty unreal of how drinking a tad to much can make you look like an idiot. Real or Fake, make a comment! I can not tell you how many times in Yahoo Answers, those under 18  ask, “What’s the drinking age is in Costa Rica? adding, “Do they check IDs?” To answer both, the official drinking age in Costa Rica is 18, … [Read more...]

Costa Rica, San José Nightlife – El Pueblo

In the past few years, tourists have dubbed San Jose the  "Get In and Get Out Fast."  It is not the place to vacation because of the  increase of crime. And why go to a rat-race, dirty city (when you probably just left one) when you have the best beaches and recreations in the world within a few hours drive? However,  many  can't wait to spend their vacation time in San Jose. And why? -  San … [Read more...]