Hacienda Matapalo – Legit or Scam?

Those in the real estate business know that there are three items that sell homes, Location, Location, Location. In case of the "controversy" Hacienda Matapalo development,  a "proposed" 665 acre resort style gated community, situated in a rainforest on a mountain overlooking the Pacific between two beach communities of  Quepos and Dominica, location couldn’t … [Read more...]

The Future for Guanacaste – Vacation, Invest and Retire

Guanacaste has posted some great numbers in 2011 however things still seem to be slow in talking with many hoteliers, restaurateurs and retailers. Our real estate friends in Guanacaste are positive and things seem to be picking up a bit, but our friends in Atenas are talking about a slump. Their situations were completely reversed a year ago. Many other factors on the table are very positive for … [Read more...]

Eco Products in Costa Rica – The Green Dream

Everyone comes to Costa Rica with a dream.  The dream can be the lazy, sand swept beach life with a margarita in hand, or a jungle getaway, a pair of rockers on a balcony with views of the Central Valley.  My dream was to have both, and truly enjoy this Costa Rica paradise and to discover what living in Costa Rica was all about.  Having 16 years experience in residential Historic Restorations, the … [Read more...]

Ups and Downs on Costa Rica Real Estate – Guanacaste

Costa Rica Real Estate has seen a lot of downs and ups and downs in my 7 years in Guanacaste. A prime example are the surf side lots in Potrero. When I arrived they were giving the things away for as low as $7,000 dollars apiece. About a year or so in to my sojourn here the lots started a fantastic spiral along with all of the tourism and vacation style property in the area. Fueled by the equity … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Property Management – Bill Paying and Maintenance

Costa Rica’s is the most popular destinations in Latin America and for good reason. With over 5% of the world biodiversity it’s no surprise people from around the world flock to experience her beauty and charm. Buying a home in Costa Rica is a sound investment. If you are not planning to live full time in your home, renting it out to folks who want to have a dream vacation here is a great way … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Developer Sues Bank Over Jaco Project

Yesterday morning, the Internet was flooded with the Press Release FROM the developer of a Jacó condo and hotel project suing its lenders, seeking arbitration on $120 million that has caused what it claims was a successful project on the verge of  falling apart. No doubt the $120 million was an eye-opener of what is at stake. The developer, Desarrollos Naturales de Costa Rica S.A., named Banco … [Read more...]

Electrified Fences Growing In Popularity – Costa Rica Security

When I was a kid, I went dove hunting with my dad and his friends, who also brought along their sons. As we were walking the fields,  we came upon a fence with a sign, WARNING ELECTRIC FENCE. One of the older sons, pointed to me, "Yeah, kid, go touch that fence" with the warning sign, " it's just a fake sign ... see the bird sitting on the wire." Being naive at the time, I touched it and … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Investment – Real Estate, Retire and Live

My first time in Jaco (about 20 years ago) it was a sleepy and traditional Costa Rican town that did not even have a stop light. Three years ago the skyline was filled with high-rise construction on the feeding frenzy of developers and speculators investing in property. However, that has changed, most investors are doing damage-control, regrouping and wondering how to deal in the slump of the real … [Read more...]

World Green Building Council and Costa Rica Join

Liberia, Costa Rica, September 02, 2009 -- PR web)-- The Costa Rica chapter of the Green Building  was notified of induction into the World Green Building Council.  Environmental sustainability in Costa Rica is a major social concern as the country covers 0.01% of the world's land surface yet contains over 5% of the world's biodiversity. In 2007, officials of the Costa Rican government stated … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Real Estate Fraud

Yesterday I had a meeting with an account who was involved in a huge development project on the Pacific Coast of  Costa Rica. Anyway, to make a long story short, he asked me if I knew the guy who he had meant in Costa Rica. I shook my head, and my account proceeds to go to this guy’s website. The website was professionally done, looked legit etc etc. Then my account took me to a … [Read more...]

Buying Property In Costa Rica – Taxes, Capital Gains, Corporation

The cool thing about Costa Rica, a foreigner can buy real estate and pass that title down, unlike Mexico where foreigner can only lease, and cannot  buy, which as caused numerous disputes when titles suddenly change and/or were fraudulently made. The best way to buy real estate is set up a anonymous corporation instead of putting the property in an individual name. You will need a good … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Squatters – Legal Procedures

We got a couple of emails this week on US residents who own property in Costa Rica and suddenly were informed that their property was claimed by  squatters rights.   Well, we do not give out legal advice, nor do we get involved in stuff like this -  all we could do is refer them to several Costa Rica attorneys who might help them.  However, we did some online searching from several government … [Read more...]