Tobias Bolaños International Airport Security – Pavas, Costa Rica

Most tourist think that Costa Rica has just two international airports, Juan Santamaria International Airport and Liberia's, Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport -  thats not so. Tobias Bolaños International Airport in Pavas, San Jose is getting known as a private hub for the rich and famous, main airport for various activities of the industry and for its domestic and  international small … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Private Investigator – Hiring, Wages, Free Trade

If you think being a Private Investigator is how Hollywood has glorified it, think again. Most PIs will tell you, nowadays it's more leg work and lonely surveillance. The days of the Sam Spades and Philip Marlows may be over in the US, but not necessary in Costa Rica. With the industry now growing at a rapid rate, and the need for corporations and legal firms to use private investigators, the … [Read more...]

Traffic Cameras To Be Installed in San Jose

This week, I had to laugh when I learned that sometime before the end of this year the Policía de Tránsito (traffic police) are expecting to put in cameras to control traffic and ticket offending drivers in various parts of San Jose. The areas targeted for this is Parque La Paz, the autopista General Cañas and the autopista Florencio del Castillo and other "unnamed" locations. Cesar Quirós, … [Read more...]

San Jose, Costa Rica’s Mercado Central, or Central Flea Market

Central Market (Mercado Central)  Flea and Street market. Bordered by Avdas. Central and 1 and Cs. 6 and 8 Barrió La Merced San José, Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica's Mercado Central, or Central Market, is the largest marketplace in San Jose. The Central Market is more than a common sale place. It is a congregation place, which city life passes day by day. It is a maze of shops and … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s New Traffic Laws – Loopholes and Problems

It has been a hell of month with the new traffic laws that took place March 1st to local drivers and the Costa Rican newspapers have been filled with it.  The changes were to lighten penalties and lower fines, but in reality due to the numerous loopholes, the Transit Police are applying their own version of the law that has amounted to higher fines in some cases. Or, as one 'chatter in a … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Taxis – Riding and Fares from the Airport – Unidos

Unless you have someone to pick you up, arriving at the Juan Santamaría airport can be a overpowering once you step outside the baggage terminal, moreso when you hit the sidewalk.  Immediately you are surrounded by people asking if you need a taxi or private ride in van or shuttle bus. For someone like myself, who always arrives late night, we make arrangements beforehand for a personal driver … [Read more...]

U.S. Consulate – San José Embassy – Visa Problem

Attending a business meeting in Santa Ana a few weeks ago, one of the associates of a client rant and raved about his dealings with the U.S. Consulate at the San José embassy US Embassy. He was Costa Rican, his wife was American and they had two children. All they wanted was  to visit the U.S for a few weeks to see her parents. The kids had no problem (the duel citizenship thing) but he was … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Arrival and Humor – San Jose

Something always happens that makes your trip a remembrance. This time, it started within an hour after arrival and very humorous. After getting up at 3am, blogging, last minute changes to clients websites, twitting, reading a zillion emails it was time to head to the airport. Coming from San Diego, with a 3 hour layover in Houston, one can figure about 12 hours before touchdown in San … [Read more...]

Chinatown Project Starts In San Jose, Costa Rica

China continues to wine and dine Costa Rica, now the government of China will be contributing US$1 million dollars to help construct a Chinatown or Barrio Chino. Of course Costa Rica’s Government or municipalidad de San José will fork out about US$300,000 to help finance the project. This announcement came in an official ceremony that included Costa Rican president, Oscar Arias, Municipalidad … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Sex-Tourism Is Growing

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica -- The slumping global economy is having a stimulus effect on Costa Rica's famous sex-tourism industry, as a growing number of unemployed women -- from Colombia to the Dominican Republic -- flock to San José to seek a living in the world's oldest profession. In popular prostitution hot spots such as the Hotel & Casino Del Rey and Key Largo, local prostitutes compete … [Read more...]

Crime is Down In San Jose, Costa Rica

When you read about Costa Rica on the chats, blogs, reviews etc, one thing that always is  talked about is, "Stay out of San Jose, the crime rate outrageous, stealing, robberies, and the worthless of the police are no good as we posted on the armed robbery of a Tortuguero bus a few weeks ago. However, surprise! The Judiciary and the Ministry of Public Security reported this week, "the crime … [Read more...]

Costa Rica, San José Nightlife – El Pueblo

In the past few years, tourists have dubbed San Jose the  "Get In and Get Out Fast."  It is not the place to vacation because of the  increase of crime. And why go to a rat-race, dirty city (when you probably just left one) when you have the best beaches and recreations in the world within a few hours drive? However,  many  can't wait to spend their vacation time in San Jose. And why? -  San … [Read more...]