Costa Rica Property Management – Bill Paying and Maintenance

Costa Rica’s is the most popular destinations in Latin America and for good reason. With over 5% of the world biodiversity it’s no surprise people from around the world flock to experience her beauty and charm. Buying a home in Costa Rica is a sound investment. If you are not planning to live full time in your home, renting it out to folks who want to have a dream vacation here is a great way … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Lifeguard Service

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, "How safe are Costa Rica's beaches?" And having been a competition swimmer, driver, surfer, and former lifeguard in San Diego, my answer is three questions, "How good of a swimmer are you?" and "Can you spot a rip current and  how to get out of one?" Since about the early eighties when US surfers discovered the unreal wave action in Costa Rica, … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Spring Break – Jaco, San Jose, Tamarinado

Costa Rica for spring break? Humm - not a bad idea!  It may not be as wild as Cancun, Mexico with it's crazy parties,  infamous umbrella drinks, wet T-shirt contests and drunken beer-guzzling nights, but what really defines, "Exciting!" to your personal taste? Mexico has always been the choice for Spring Breakers, but now with increasing problems (spearheaded by the Media and read this State … [Read more...]