Poaching of Costa Rica Sea Turtle Eggs – Turtle Poll

If you are over 50, have traveled a lot or lived in Mexico or Central America, particularly the coastal areas, you ate turtle. Sea Turtle is an awesome tasting seafood, whose bright-red, bloody meat would turn angel white just seconds after hitting a fry pan that was lightly seasoned in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Turtle meat and eggs are a delicacy and a way of life in many countries, … [Read more...]

Sea Turtle Extinction – Harvesting or Thieves

We have just discovered why the Costa Rica sea turtle is going extinct, it is not being trapped in fishing nets, pollution,  global warming or tourism development, but local Costa Rican's  over harvesting eggs where many are starting to claim, it has becomes an illegal attack against nature. The above photographs [that have been plastered all over the internet],  show the destruction and/or … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Endangered Species – The Shrimp Fishermen

If there was a golden opportunity for Costa Rica to capitalize on a need of Gringo's taste buds,  and to help stimulate their economy it is now. But unfortunately, for a country that has been one of the heavy weights of ecology, they, have turned their backs on a major eco problem that if not corrected, will have sever consequences. Back in May, 2005 the U.S. had banned Costa Rica Shrimp … [Read more...]