Costa Rica’s Medical Tourism On The Rise

Costa Rica has become the first choice for Americans, Canadians and Europeans seeking quality and affordable medical treatment, or what is known as medical tourism and wellness. SAN JOSE, Costa Rica.  According to Mark Sydney of Americana WellcareCR,  between 150,000 and 200,000 foreigners could be traveling to Costa Rica in 2011 for medical procedures. It's hard to give an exact figure, … [Read more...]

Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica – Low Costs, Hospitals, Recovery

It has not been a surprise to some how Costa Rica has become a desired and popular medical tourism hub attracting thousands of medical tourists every year. They are coming in for all kinds of different medical treatments, starting from necessary surgery to elective procedures and prolonged treatments. In the last few years, the medical tourism industry has jumped up 200% and that is expected to … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Alternative Medical – Herbal Medicine, Holistic and Fraud

We get many emails asking about alternative medical and which doctor or practitioners would we most recommend. Requests vary from everything to vitamins injections and Cobalt treatment for whatever, HIV/AIDs and cancer cures and the increasing inquires about anti-aging remedies. With Health Care in the US running amok,  Costa Rica has become a major place for medical tourism that include modern … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Government Bans Stem Cell Research

Back in Oct, 2009, we wrote how suddenly there was  major increase of foreigners heading to Costa Rica for stem cell treatments that involved everything from ailments, to bone fractures, to multiple sclerosis. The reason was simple; when people heard that, the International Society of Stem Cell research claiming, US clinical trials were "ambiguous" and treatments based on anecdotal success … [Read more...]

Wellness Vacations In Costa Rica

During the last several years, a new generation of vacationers has been demanding more from hotels than ever before, and a new type of travel is rising in popularity. This new group of travelers desires more than  before from their vacation, and so the tourism sector is providing many options, such as hotels and resorts with Yoga and focus on health at their core. Yoga,  Wellness Centers and … [Read more...]

Costa Rica’s Coronado – Wellness, Development, Airport

Not to be confused with the mountainous region north of San Jose,  about half way between the Pacific side cities of Uvita (South of the Dominical) and Puerto Cortes, lies the growth-targeted  natural wonderland of another,  Coronado. While tourist and retirees were flocking to Costa Rica's northern Pacific Coast which has been perceived as the country's first hot spot, further South (about 240 … [Read more...]