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Just because you have a Mac, it does not mean you are without help in Costa Rica

Just because you have a Mac, it does not mean you are not without help in Costa Rica

Yes, I know Mac is better, but not quite true in Costa Rica, that is if you have problems.  Always check your warranty before you bring your Mac (or any other computer for that reason) to Costa Rica, regardless if you bought the extended warranty package. Most Warranty Agreements DO NOT cover the computer outside the US. If work has to be done, expect to pay 2-3 times the amount and expect a wait. A new power cord and/or hard drive can take the guru or store weeks for the part.

Below are some of the Mac Gurus and Service Centers that will probably be able to help you or know were you can get help if your Mac has problems. The best thing to do is email or call first to make sure they are still in business. Most computer gurus are around $30/hr and plus travel time. So if you live in Jaco and your guy is coming from San Jose, expect to pay about 3/hrs for travel. Also, remember you are on Tico Time … mañana or ‘tomorrow’ really means sometime during the week 😉 . If you can,  always take your computer to the person/store and it will save you a lot of time and grief.

Mac Repair Guy – Jorge”George” Calvo (394-3296; JorgeCalvo (at) He’s $30/hour plus gas money.  He was VERY patient with  NON-techno self/talk!

Expect to pay 2-3 times more for any computer repair in Costa Rica

Expect to pay 2-3 times more for any computer repair in Costa Rica26 (221-8709 / 257-4820-p/fax; 376-8901; JThomas (at);

John Thomas Chavarria – Laboratoria de Electronica; JTE_LdE(at)  He has a shop in San Jose though he will come to you in an extreme emergency. He’s one of the few people that can repair iPods. He also have used Macs for sale. HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 7am-5:30pm. $36/hr for labor.

Roberto Mora – RM (at); 2899-5159 –  He used to work at ICON MultiPlaza-West but now he’s doing some repair (he comes to you) plus real estate in Jaco. He’s in Jaco during the week & the Central Valley on the weekends. He comes to you and speaks GREAT English. Rates start around $40/hr.

David Zeledon (2853-2451; david (at)
He’s located in Escazu but he mainly comes to you. RATES: $30 (includes his time to get there) & $20 thereafter. He works on PC’s as well. David’s a Tico that speaks GREAT English.

Marvin Bermudez – 2886-9711; 2292-6216; techniapple (at)
He lives in San Antonio de Coronado and you can go to him or he can come to you. He DOES speak some English.

Kevin Norman – 2819-2085;  Kevin24 (at)
He’s located near Carrieri Mall but he usually comes to you. Rates – $40/hour, $30 thereafter. Also works on Network Security, Cicso, Windows servers, Windows, most IT issues. From States so great English plus fluent in Spanish.

Kenyon Zahner
– 2286-5821 or 2838-0812;  tlyn2003 (at)
He speaks English and lots of Spanish. He can come to you or you go to him at his place in San Sebastian (about 3 miles North of Downtown SJ). Starts at AROUND $25/hour if he comes to you (case-by-case basis). He’ll come to you wherever (for the right price). He says he can help with anything from iMacs, PowerBooks and iBooks to G3/G4/G5 Desktops. Troubleshooting, Upgrades and Installations. Operating Systems OS X (Jaguar/Panther/Tiger), OS 9. Software: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite 2 (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.) iLife ‘05, Final Cut Studio: Final Cut Pro 5, Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro 4/ Final Cut Pro and Express, DVD Studio Pro, After Effects, QuickTime Pro, Acrobat, Toast Titanium, Quark Express, Utilites, Adobe Font Library, Web Design, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Virex, Audio.

“Dr. Mac” Diego Rivera – 2381-1283 or  2222-5850 or 2223-4159
San Jose

Oliver Duex – 8333-2729; 2694 4459 CorrectingTime(at) He comes to you in Lake Arenal area or you go to him (in Nuevo Arenal). Repairs Macs and PCs. He also gives lessons on MS Office/OpenOffice, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint Presentations, Adobe Suites and does Web Designing. Rates start at $18/hour. Oliver speaks English, Spanish and German

NOTE:  Stores often take MUCH longer and can be a lot more expensive

Second Call Computer Store in Escazu ventas.escazu (at) San Rafael – across from McDonalds on the main road. Next door to the video store & KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken] – 2289-8000
Email or call first, Sometimes they have people that can work on Mac’s.

PC Doctor – Stores are located in Plaza Real Carrieri – 2293-3798 – Terra Mall – in front of Scotia Bank 518-1693, however, they have a website but when I checked it it was down.

Official dealers” are more.  Rate can be up to $60US. Don’t assume that they will have everything, and if the part has to be ordered, expect weeks or even months for it to arrive.

ReproColor – Tibas (2236-6067)
New, used Macs & PC and repairs. Jorge speaks some English. LOCATION: Burger King 100 East, 300 south. HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm.

Official Macintosh Computer and Repair – ICON
STORES: Escazu – MultiPlaza-West – 2201-5025 / 2201-5026  HOURS: 10am-8pm
Zapote – MultiPlaza-East 2280-1590 / 2280-1556 / 2280-1548. HOURS: 10am-8pm
San Pedro – Mall of SP – 2234-5834 / 234-5835. HOURS: 10am-8pm
Heredia – Paseo de las Flores – 261-7454 / 2261-7872. HOURS: 10am-8pm
SERVICE/OFFICE – Curridabat (de la Pops de Curridabat, 300 m sur, 100 m Este): OFFICE – 2234-2076 / SERVICE – 2225-3002 HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm
Diagnosis – takes 2+ days $25.
The people at ICON are good and are helpful and in some cases they will not charge you if the problem is a simple fix – if this is the case, make sure you tip the Costa Rican,  $10-$20.

Dr.Mac S.A drmacsa (at)
“Costado Suroeste De La Iglesia Las Animas Ave.10, 100mts. Norte Casa De Frente, Verde De Dos Pisos #2080” San Jose, Costa Rica: 2690-1005
Telephone: 506-2222-5850: Y 506-2223-4159: Fax:    506-2223-4159

Special thanks to Living in CR

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  1. Cindy says:

    I need a technician who is familiar with Dell computers.  Would the techs listed above be able to work on a Dell?  My daughter is on a study abroad program and really needs her computer, pretty much her lifeline back her to the states.  I would appreciate any direction you can give me.  She is on a pretty tight budget but we're hoping it's not really serious.  Thank you! Cindy  

  2. Vicki Skinner says:

    I’ve used David Zeledon on NUMEROUS occasions & I have referred probably at least 50 people to him (from my blog) & so far just about everyone has LOVED him & been VERY PLEASED!!!

    (8-853-2451 /
    LOCATION: Escazu – but he can come to you.
    SKILLS/COMMENTS: David’s MY MAIN MAC GUY having taken care of me and numerous guests/friends Macs and we’ve ALL been REALLY HAPPY!!! He works on PC’s as well. He’s very reasonably priced, thorough and can take care of your computer in MANY ways (read into that as you’d like to!). In a rush/frantic? He’s always been VERY considerate of that if he can be!!! He also sometimes has parts/computers for sale!! He can also assist with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Internet setup/troubleshooting, network setup/installation troubleshooting (all for both Mac and PC) as well as Website Design (html, php, flash, css) and he’s a Translator (Spanish-English). If he can’t fix it, he has a secret contact that’s just about always been able to take care of it!!
    LANGUAGE: He’s a Tico that speaks REALLY GOOD English
    RATES: Starts at $30 (includes his time to get there)

  3. in ionestore i fixit my apple ?

  4. is there anyone here (bario amon or anywhere in san jose or escazu) who sells used macs at a decent price??

  5. Allan says:

    The prices for non Apple service in Costa Rica seems to be fair although I am concerned with the wait for simple parts such as power cords and firwire connectors etc. I am a service tech living in Canada,non spanish speaking, and am exploring the best and cheapest way to ship parts for Apple gear to Costa Rica.and would be happy to supply a selection of parts to those in need. Payment will be through Pay Pay I also plan to set up in the near future computer to computer llnks for service problems. I am setting up the same system where I live and see no reason not to be able to expand this service here. If you require anything “Apple” (no computers,iPads,iPhones) just parts let me know and we will see what we can do for you. I will post on this blog soon giving updates and web address.

  6. The phone number for David Zeledon is incorrect. It’s 8853-2451, not 2853-2451.

  7. I agree with giovanni, Diego Rivera is the best (Dr. Mac). Repairs while I wait; got things covered under warranty that Reprocolor was going to charge me for; doesn’t take repairs he can’t do right away.

  8. Giovanni Murillo says:

    I’m a graphic designer and I always go straight to Diego Rivera (Dr Mac), he is probably the best in Costa Rica and quite a nice guy.

    This is his personal assistant’s email:

  9. Jose Calvo says:

    Macsol S.A. is a Mac Reseller have excellent service and support
    New and used mac, they have showroom. tel 2235-7047
    2240-7215 Tibás.

    I really appreciate if you have presents this note, is another alternative. Pls check the web.


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