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The Toyota 2007 Tundra is being recalled by the 1000s in the U.S

The Toyota 2007 Tundra is being recalled by the 1000s in the U.S. and many were shipped to Costa Rica by both dealerships and private owners.

Toyota has announced it will conduct another recall of 133,000 vehicles to update software in the vehicle’s anti-lock brake system (ABS). Toyota’s global recall ballooned to 8.5 million cars and trucks including 437,000 Prius and other hybrid vehicles worldwide to fix brake problems;  the latest embarrassing safety lapse at the world’s largest automaker. Toyota is one of the preferred vehicles to rent, sell and own in Costa Rica.

So, what does this mean?

Obviously there is massive trouble for Toyota and has dampen the tiny paradise countries preferred vehicle.  Following the failure of 20 camshafts found in the 5.7-liter Tundra pickup truck engine, Toyota is running apologetic TV ads and vowing to win back customers’ trust, but we have seen none of these ads in Costa Rica – in fact, just the opposite.

Reason: Costa Rica government does not enforce consumer auto recalls, this becomes a heaven or dumping ground for cars that have been deemed faulty, and a threat to consumer safety.

Many rental car executives in Costa Rica have expressed concern because Toyota is one of the major vehicle rentals. Toyota  Rav4s, Forerunner and Land Cruisers have been the hottest vehicle rentals for years.

In fact, some Toyota dealerships in Costa Rica claim that the recalls ONLY involves 12 models in the United States, Europe, China and some other countries in Latin America, when in fact the overall recalls involved about twenty models in the last six years.

Regardless of the recalls, rental companies are still importing Tundra’s and other Toyota’s from the United States for customers. However, they have stressed these vehicles problems  will be correct  such as the sticky gas pedals that have been a problem since 2007. Popular online places like Craig’s Lists and are filled with “Toyota For Sale” ads.

Another problem is Costa Rica extreme weather and road conditions, where there sticky gas pedals is more likely to happen. It is unclear or impossible to determine,  how many Costa Rica Toyota involved  accidents have happened due to this.

Currently, this is a list of all Toyota Recalls, which involves vehicles like,
4Runner, Cressida, Toyota MR2, Toyota Supra, Avalon, ECHO, Pickup, T-100, Camry, FJ Cruiser, Previa, Tacoma, Camry Solara, Highlander, Prius, Tercel, Toyota Celica, Highlander Hybrid, Toyota RAV4, Tundra, Corolla, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Venza, Corona, Matrix, Sienna and Yaris.

If your vehicle is one of the above, go to the closest dealerships, the biggest one is Purdy Motors –  Toyota of Costa Rica. Or go to the closet car dealership and asked for their help.

If it is a competitor, like a Honda dealership, chances are you will get the royal treatment 😉

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