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Medical Tourism in Costa Rica will increase by 20% by the 2010

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica should increase by 20% by the 2010

The other day, an question was asked in Yahoo answers, “Why is everybody wearing nurse scrubs?” Adding sarcastically, “God you can’t tell me that every single person in this country wants to be in the medical field.”

First, I’m, proud to say, every answer was something like this, “The medical industry is one of very few industries actually growing during the recession” or “Powerful professions in the country are nurse, dentist, physic therapy, doctors” or “Medicine is a strong field in the country” and our answer was, “CR is becoming an acclaimed place for wellness, rehab, dental work, minor and plastic surgery …  so the demand for medical profession has increased … etc”

It is to hard to projected what the true estimates are for medical tourism, but figures indicate that by the year 2010, Medical Tourism will increased to 150,000 plus visitors per year, this will be an increase of almost 20% from the year 2008. By late 2010, it is estimated that as many as 15-20% who vacation in Costa Rica, will be going there for medical tourism. So despite the economic crisis people in need of operations, medical checkups and other medical services continue to come to Costa Rica.

Wellness and drug/alcohol rehab clinics are just a few of treatment centers that usually go unrecorded for the obvious. Many of the rich and famous are now seeking Costa Rica as the preferred choice for rehab, plastic surgery, and wellness. One of the advantages of Costa Rica is privacy – they don’t have the paparazzi.

One of the advanage

One of the advantage of Medical Tourism is privacy - the rich and famous do not have to worry about the paparazzi

With raising medical costs in the US, the biggest draw to Costa Rica is lower costs. A World-renowned leader in eco-tourism, Costa Rica boasts tropical rainforests, stunning mountain vistas, fabulous beaches, an ideal climate and friendly, welcoming people makes it an ideal place for medical tourism.

Typically, a patient will plan on a week to 14 days in Costa Rica, which allows time for a procedure and a short/long recovery period.  With medical tourism packages, a patient will often spend a few days sightseeing, undergo the planned treatment and then spend some time in a suitable location, such as an eco-tourist destination, for rest and additional sightseeing or recuperation.

Not only do patients save money (up to 80% on some procedures) but they usually take time to vacation with their families as well both before and after the procedures.

  • A face lift in Costa Rica costs around $3,000 while the same procedure in the States costs anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000.
  • A Hollywood smile, that would cost $20,000 in the US, is done for around $8,000. (I just had a friend do this and when he smiles now, his teeth really sparkle).
  • A private Royals Royce wellness center, with certified professionals that cater to your needs in a plush environment costs around $1000-$1500 a week, where in the US that can be $1000-$1500 a day!

Sporting several world-class hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts and  hospitals, like La Catolica, Clinica Biblica and CIMA all located in San Jose, would envy any US hospital and are staffed with fully certified bilingual surgeons that cater to foreigners seeking superior medical care. Costa Rica Board of Plastic Surgery offers prospective clients a list of certified (or preparing for certification) and credentialed physicians who are members of the association, all and are experienced in the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques available.

New facilities are being built in the Guanacaste province as well and is getting world-wide acclaim for their healthcare system because it is very advanced, particularly in the city of San Jose, and is considered one of the best in Latin America. For some procedures, it ranks higher than the US.

Costa Rica is NOT a Third-World country as many believe, in fact, it is boarding on being a First World country, their advancment in technology, economics, and political stability is one of the highest in the World.

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