Swine or Whine Flu – Reality Culprit, Government and Press

Or should it ba called, Whine Flu

Or should it be called, Whine Flu

I received this email from a friend, and not knowing the author (sorry about that which this blog is credited to)  I elected to pass it on since it is someone who is telling it like it really is. Turn off your @#*%  TV and radio and live your life. Forget about the scare control tactics which are typical BS government and press stories use to create a normal flu cycle into some global catastrophe. One of the things I have admired about Costa Ricans, they have not fallen victim … well as of yet!

EMAIL (author unknown)
I’m about to burst a vein if I have to hear another panic inducing report about the swine flu. What has happened to us here in the U.S. (and just about everywhere else around the world)? Have we become a nation of babies who have nothing better to do then hide under our beds when each new boogie man comes along?

And what about our so-called “leaders” – how much stupider can they get? Right now, there are fewer than 200 cases of swine flu in the entire United States. But our moronic leaders – with Vice President Joe Biden leading the pack – are recommending that people stay home from work or school for weeks if they even suspect that anyone around them has come in contact with swine flu.

How utterly stupid.

Here in San Diego (California), a number of schools have shut down for 2-3 weeks simply because a single student at each school has symptoms of a severe cold or flu. These aren’t even confirmed swine flu cases!

On top of that, school officials are recommending that these students’ siblings stay home from other schools they attend. So what are these students going to do during these weeks that they’re out of school missing out on their education? Hang out with their friends at the mall, of course. And be exposed to the exact same kids they would be if they were in school studying.

What’s next? Should all of their parents stay home from work as well? And should everyone they’ve come in contact with stay home from work too? Shouldn’t we quarantine all medical professionals who have treated the few cases of actual swine flu? And all their relatives plus anyone else they might come in contact with?

Reality check
The sheer stupidity of this is mind boggling. Consider that there were 3,109 automobile fatalities PER MONTH last year in the U.S. and ZERO deaths from swine flu and you have to wonder what kind of idiots are serving in government at the city, state, and national level. You’d be a lot safer avoiding your car than avoiding contact with other people.

Here’s the real problem.  Big government believes that it’s job is to save everyone from everything. And at the slightest hint of anything that COULD be dangerous, they roll into full blown action, scaring the crap out of folks who rely on the government to tell them what to do instead of thinking for themselves.

This is the same pattern the current administration employs to convince people to give up and suck on the government tit instead of working hard and taking responsibility for making their own lives better.

The weak and lazy fall for it – in fact, welcome it – and the poor working slob gets taxed to the gills to pay for all of this.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not in favor of letting those who are truly in need suffer. But for the government to save us from smoking… save us from over-eating… save us from the stupid choice we made to max out our credit cards or buy a house we couldn’t afford … save us from swine flu… and save us from any form of discomfort whatsoever, creates a nation of sheep.

Your choice is to be part of the herd or to break away and live your own life. Don’t fall for stupid scare tactics about every little thing that comes along. Create your own business and live your life on your own terms.

I’d much rather take my shot and miss the goal than live a life of mind-numbing, government lead complacency.  Hopefully, you feel the same.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the press and their role in all of this. What sells papers and gets people to tune into the news? Scary stories – the scarier the better.

If the press really wanted to provide a service to its audience, they’d do interviews with people who have had the swine flu and are already over it. Then the truth would come out that it’s just like any other flu – a few days of feeling rotten and then it’s gone. But the press would rather sell more advertising by attracting more eyes and ears, so they’ll ramp up the fear to put more profit in their pockets.

Don’t fall for it. Simply think things through for yourself and you’ll be miles ahead of the poor fools who fall for this drivel.

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  1. WELL SAID!!! Big hype no substance is right on, and the US media does thrive on this scare tactic strategy. What’s spreading fast is a virus of hyped trash talk.

  2. ticoman says:

    lv the post dude… nothing like telling it as it is!

  3. Right on. Too much hype without substance. There’s a good social commentary on the swine flu “information epidemic” in the form of a satirical news post (in spanish).

    It’s about how swine flue really is spreading, but it’s really just the information that’s spreading, not the actual virus. The link:


  4. Carlos Neader says:

    CNN and MSNBC are the worse, spreading this trash.

  5. Peter Haust says:

    Damn, what a great post! My salute to the author of this one. Over 200 people a day die just on the regular flu, and the government scares us on just a couple hundred … BS

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