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Costa Rica Qigong - The Art of Self-Healing

Date Added: May 08, 2008 12:08:46 AM
Author: Dashi Chu Kocica
Category: Health and Fitness
An ancient and wonderful art is now being reborn in Orosi, Costa Rica. It is called Qigong (pronounced Chi-Gong), which are self-healing practices,dating back 5,000 years. They utilize slow, graceful movements combined with visualizations and breathing to collect and circulate Qi, or life energy. The oriental concept of health is based on an abundance of Qi that is smoothly circulating to all parts of the body. It flows along energetic pathways called meridians and vessels that connect the surface of the body with the internal organs. Qi is needed for normal function of all the organs and body systems, just like gas is needed for your car to run. But if this energy becomes deficient, obstructed or stagnant, health problems or disease will follow.
Our emotional and mental states are also directly linked to the circulation of Qi. That is why one of the first benefits of practicing Qigong is a feeling of well-being and tranquility. Stress disappears when your mind and body become one in the present moment. You have more energy and vitality, and you don't need as much sleep. Mentally, Qigong enhances intelligence, memory, concentration and develops psychic abilities. If you are ill, Qigong will strengthen your immune system and help you recuperate faster.

In l994 I took a clinical acupuncture course in a hospital in Shanghai and learned that most Chinese hospitals have departments where Qigong is taught to patients in conjunction with their medical care. The idea of integrated healthcare intrigued me. Why, I wondered, didn't we in the West, empower the individual to stay healthy and heal oneself by learning self-healing techniques. Since then, the underlying goal of my practice has been to promote and teach Qigong for wellness and self-healing.

In the summer of 1997 I went back to China, this time to study Wisdom Qigong at the world's largest medicineless hospital near Beijing. The Recovery Center especially interested me, since it had documented a 95% success rate in healing over 180 diseases, all without medicine or special diets. Unlike western hospitals where patients are told what to do, and to get plenty of rest, here the prescription for healing is eight hours a day of Qigong. The "students" take an active role in their recovery and are supported by instructors in learning self-healing techniques through "sweat, love and plenty of Qi." Documentation of healing results comes from diagnostic tests performed by doctors before and after the 24-day sessions.

I wish to encourage all of you to invest the time to learn some Qigong and to practice it daily. We all brush our teeth every day, because we know it will keep the cavities away. We all think about our diet and eating right, but do we think about our energetic health? We need to take the time learn to smooth our energy flow, to strengthen our Qi, and live in harmony with the Universe.
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Michael McPeak: 2009-05-07 04:57:18
Have been looking at Costa Rica for retirement/work. Believe in your methods. Where is "Oriosi"? Cannot find it on Google Earth or my inadequate maps. Co-ordinates, maybe? email: mlmcpeak@gmail.com

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