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Copacabana Hotel Beachfront Hotel, Jaco Costa Rica
Jaco Beachfront Hotel

Sea Turtle Poll
Sea Turtle Poll

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HOW TO USE Costa Rica TicoTimes.com Directory
First, we try and find quality websites. These are websites that we found to be unique and of good content. Plus, everyday, we have people send us websites. beside the ones that owners submit. On each website we human edit for keywords, links, and content relevancy.  This helps assures us that you will find what your are looking for.

This website grows daily, with over a 1000  page views per day as of Feb 20th, 2008.   If you follow the below, your use of this directory will be more productive. Nothing is worse to click on a link and find out it is dead or it goes to an unrelated page.  We check all the links daily to makes sure they are active. If a link is not active, it will get removed or put on the inactive status.  We do this in fairness to the link owner just to make sure the web has not experience any problems. Sometimes a web server goes down or the website moves to another sever or is being rebuilt.  If after a few weeks the link is still down, we will remove the link.

SPANISH to ENGLISH - ENGLISH to SPANISH - You will notice that some of the websites details are in Spanish. Many of the Spanish websites have English translations for your use. So explore what a Spanish website has to offer. Of course, if you speak and read Spanish, no problem.

USE THE SEARCH - This directory has been designed to use the search (at the top of each page). The best way to make a search is to detail your keyword(s). Example: if you are looking for real estate, DO NOT, type in costa rica real estate,  since the search will return all websites that have the four keywords, costa, rica real, estate. Your best results are to type a single or  a few words;  if you are looking for a condo in Jaco, type in condo jaco . Your  search results will get you a page with all condos in Jaco.

GOOGLE RANK, HITS AND ALPHABETICAL -  All websites have a Google rank bar next to them (that little bar next to the link). Google ranks each web by a number of elements, such as, how long has it been on the Internet, number of links to and from it etc. etc. This DOES NOT mean the site with the highest rank is the best; it means this is what Google considers a quality site that has been around for a while. Many of the smaller websites or just published website will not have this. On each page category you can sort the link by Hits, Page Rank and Alphabetical. Just click on any, and the whole category will be sorted to your preference. This will save a lot of time if you are looking for a particular name or business.

Enjoy your surfing at TicoTimes.com
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